Mayuzumi Yukie – Work in Progress

There are tons of Garage Kits out on the Market,thats why I prefer the rare ones like little Mayuzumi Yukie from Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai.Which is a great anime too,it was a bunch of fun to watch it!

So I kicked myself in the ass and started preparation work on her.Made Pinholes and primed all the Parts carefully with Vallejo Grey Primer.Really like her small wooden horsefriend,it needs some putty like her jacket.Then get yourself a bowl of water,Milliput and a modelling tool (o make sure you reach all the edges).After filling all gaps,holes and cracks and smoothing it with water,it has to dry overnight.

The last two Pics showing the „Big Alien Base“ from Tabletop Art,painted it with brushes,drybrush,pigments and inks.Its a feature of a 1/6 Custom Diorama,including two Samus Aran Kits.Have to sculpt a lot of tentacles for this one,maybe I will show more of this work on the next Post X_X


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